Redesign for FragDenStaat

Making it easier to request information from German public authorities


FragDenStaat is a non-profit organization in Germany that promotes transparency and access to information held by public authorities or government agencies.

They operate an online platform where users can submit so-called freedom of information requests and track their progress. Authorities are legally required to answer these requests.

In this project, we aim at improving the usability of the platform: to better support and inform the users when they submit a freedom-of-information request and to remove obstacles that typically hinder this process.

  • Submitting a freedom-of-information request can be a complex task. How can we provide help content exactly where it is relevant and without taking users out of the flow?

  • How can we help users find the right authority to contact? What does an intuitive taxonomy of public authorities look like?

  • By submitting a request, users initiate an administrative procedure. How can we use positive friction for making sure they know about the consequences of their actions?

Case study under construction.
Check back soon for more details!