Nadine Theiler

I’m a UX designer with a background in linguistics research. My transition to UX design felt like a natural choice. As a linguist, I researched how people communicate with each other. As a designer, I make interfaces that help people communicate with technology.

My goal is to use design for bringing simplicity and humanity to complex technologies. I’m excited about projects in sustainable mobility, industrial UX, public interest tech, education, open source, and beyond.

I’m based in Berlin and currently looking for a full-time role in a collaborative environment that values testing and iteration.

Screenshot of a mobile app
Course Project, Mobile App
An app for collaborative bill splitting at restaurants
UX work done for FragDenStaat
Flow Redesign, Civic Tech
Making it easier to request information from German public authorities
to do
Website Redesign, NGO
Designing an NGO website that serves diverse user groups